Passionate about the land and the wines as much as about the people who make them, Alexis Cornu is a curious and all-rounder Cellar Manager who easily adapts to the varied vintages of his different estates.

Since 2016, this hedonistic as well as talented man has been officiating as Cellar Director and oenologist for the MDCV group: at Château de Berne (Flayosc), UP I'Ultimate Provence (La Garde-Freinet), Château des Bertrands and Château Saint-Roux (Le Cannet-des-Maures), he is the patient architect of no less than 10 cuvées, including organic wines.

It is in Provence that he feels at home, even though he has had the opportunity to travel the world. After a master's degree in environmental biology at the University of Bordeaux, followed by a diploma in viticulture and oenology at Montpellier Sup'Agro, Alexis Cornu left to satisfy his appetite for discovery in the four corners of the globe. A jack-of-all-trades, he is sometimes a wine merchant, sometimes a teacher, always an oenologist, and chooses the Rhineland, Australia, Japan, Bordeaux, the Vaucluse and the Côtes du Rhône as his homelands... before abandoning himself to the sunny charm of Provence.

He embraces an eco-responsible project guided by the rhythm of the seasons, conducive to practising his profession according to his conscience, his values and his pleasure. This enthusiastic Maître de Chai puts his talent at the service of several rosés with very distinct characters.

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