Guillaume Barraud is Assistant Director at Châteaux et Domaines Gérard Bertrand. Agricultural Engineer and Oenologist, by conviction he made the choice very early to dedicate his career to environment-friendly and organic agriculture.

His first collaboration with the teams of Gérard Bertrand starts in 2015, as a consultant for the Institut Coopératif du Vin. He then joins Gérard Bertrand in 2018 to pursue the development of organic and biodynamic techniques, and co-manage all the activities in the cellars and in the vineyards.

Guillaume Barraud contributes to the development of a rare expertise, shared with around a hundred of co-workers, placing Gérard Bertrand and his teams as a reference in the wine world. Gérard Bertrand has currently more than 16 wineries cultivated following biodynamic principles, and more than 900 hectares that are certified Demeter or about to be.

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